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I am computer consultant. I worked for IBM Turkey as a sales representative and PC specialist between 1974-1985. I am serving as a freelance consultant since then.

I follow the recent advancements in technology, application methodologies, and economies. My areas of interest cover most aspects of IT and not limited to the following:

  • Open source, open standards
  • Cloud computing
  • Scientific and engineering applications
  • Manufacturing
  • Cross industry and government applications
  • Health care
  • Legal
  • Education and training
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Logistics

I serve mostly with yearly contracts, I also lecture part time at universities, organize seminars, meetings with high management and boards.

You can reach me thru kemalgencay at gmail.com

For all my carrier years I have assisted management of companies and government institutions of almost all sectors in strategic planning, project management, design, application development, HR, contract management, user training, choosing and installation of systems. Some of the projects I have lead or taken part both when working for IBM Turkey and after as a free lance consultant:

  • VPN (virtual private network)
  • Web applications
  • Open Source applications
  • Data Base and Data Mining applications
  • Business Intelligence—Decision Support applications
  • ETL (export-transform-load) reporting systems
  • Coud computing applications
  • Out sourcing services
  • Client-Server architecture
  • Operating system decissions
  • Building Linux (Linux From Scratch)
  • Assessing various Linux distros, advising on choice and tutoring the users
  • Personal office productivity applications training
  • Internet Media applications
  • Printed Media applications
  • Designing university courses for IT education
  • LAN-WAN applications
  • IT security systems
  • Authorization systems
  • Single-sign-on systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Distributed systems
  • High volume data storage-backup
  • Blue ray archive systems
  • Scanning, OCR-ICR systems
  • Finger print, iris, vein based security systems
  • ODF-Open Document Format products
  • Real-time applications
  • Remote sensing applications
  • 3-D mapping systems
  • 3-D graphical  design-production systems
  • CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacturing)
  • Shop Flore Control, time-motion studies
  • Bar code, RFID, intelligent card, warehouse logistics applications
  • Supply chain management applications
  • ERP applications
  • CRM applications
  • Financial systems appilcations
  • HA, (high availability ) applications
  • Disaster recovery systems
  • New media-Internet Advertising applications
  • Internet sales and order applications

Since I started my IT carrier, I have served the following companies and government institutions:

  • Pfizer Turkey sales-billing, stock control application
  • Turkish Air Force system upgrade
  • Secrete Electronic Surveillance Commandment project
  • National Intelligence Agency project (First sales award of VSE version of IBM STAIRS program in Europe)
  • State Water Works system upgrade
  • Turkish Sugar Works Machine Factory production planning project
  • Ereğli Coal Works system upgrade
  • Turkish West Lignite Woks system upgrade
  • Middle Anatolia Lignite Works new system project
  • Middle East Technical University new system project
  • Black Sea Technical University Dr. Necdet Bulut Computer Center system project
  • National Education Ministry Test Center project (600.000 tests evaluated yearly)
  • Turkish General Staff Remote Sensing project
  • Tuzcuoğlu Moving Company new system project
  • National Library IBM DOBIS project
  • IBM PC distributer partners marketing and technical support training
  • E-B Group marketing support
  • IBM Ankara Data Center support for Foster-Wheeler
  • IBM Ankara Data Center support for Bağkur Social Security Institution
  • Turkish Census Bureau project
  • Turkish Meteorological Institute project
  • IBM MAPICS (Manufacturing And Production Information Control System)HEMA Inc.
  • National Library project
  • Social Securities Institution system upgrade
  • PETKİM Petrochemical Indurstries Inc. system upgrade project
  • TPAO Turkish Petroleum Inc. Sysmic Data Processing project
  • Analog Computer application for Coal Mining Industry (German Ruhr Kohle study)
  • IBM System 7 Analog Computer application at TPAO İzmit Refinery
  • Patient Health Care Data (PACS) application study (Milano/Como Hospital)
  • IBM Health Care Center study for Ankara Military Hospital
  • Çebiler Iron and Steel Inc. accounting application
  • Furkan Iron and Steel Inc. accounting application
  • BOSFOR Tourism Inc. accounting application
  • ATLANTİK Maritime Agency Inc. system installation and accounting application
  • TEK-ART Holding Management consultancy
  • INTERSPOR system installation
  • IMPEX BANK IBM AS/400 system installation project
  • ANKARA INSURANCE Inc. network installation
  • Office network installation for Textile Services Inc.
  • Logistics application and network installation for Bayerische Lloyd (Rhenus Group)
  • Distributed system installation for Head Quarters and three regional offices of Çarşı Menkul Değerler Securities Trading Inc.
  • System installation and charter flight services application for Gözen Havacılık Inc.
  • MAŞ Air Inc. airline reservation system application
  • Şişli Etfal Hospital computer network installation for surgeon general
  • AYBİM Inc. IBM AS/400 marketing support
  • BORUSAN Boru Inc. production control project
  • Turkish character support for some new brands of printers
  • Dedeman Hotels Inc. MS Office application installation and connecting MS Windows clients to UNIX server
  • ANKA Bilişim Inc. marketing support
  • ARMADOR Bilişim Inc. marketing support
  • Document Processing and OCR-ICR application demos
  • Blue-Ray archiving systems with 50-year certificate
  • Digital printing applications study with Canon and Xerox
  • Linux/Scribus application study for digital printing and pbulishing
  • Tutoring document, presentation and spreadsheet applications using LibreOffice (OpenOffice)
  • Tutoring HTML, XHTML, WordPress, Drupal for Web applications
  • Web 2.0 applications
  • OLTP applications
  • ERP, CRM applications
  • BAO (Business Analytics Optimization) applications
  • Cloud Computing applications
  • Outsourcing applications
  • Internet media advertising and Google Adwords consultancy
  • Web order and sales projects

Awards and Seminars

While working for IBM Turkey, received “Hundred Percent Club” Sales Award for achieving sales quota for the period I served as DP Sales Representative. Also attended various technical and sales seminars and courses, and have tutored seminars and credit computer courses at various universities.